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Lymington Cobbles
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Santa on the Quay

Our main two events

Every year we have held two major events in the town.

1) A Summer Spectacular at Woodside Park on the first Sunday in August. 

2) Christmas Celebrations with Santa in the High Street and on the Sunday before Christmas Santa arrives at the Town Quay on a Lifeboat.


To see a list of Charities and deserving causes who have received a DONATION from us please click here  

Classic Car & Motorcycle Show

If you have a Classic Car or a Classic Motor Cycle pre 1992 and would like to display it at the show, please go to the Classic Car & Motorcycle Show page on this website.


Trees for Schools

trees 3.jpg

Les Sutton introduced the Lymington Club to 'Trees for Schools', which was supported locally by Fairweather's Garden Centre in Beaulieu.  Local schools were approached and all of them were keen to  be given trees to be planted in their grounds.

15 Trees, 5 Oak, 5 Silver Birch and 5 Rowan were given by the Garden Centre to Robin Long and Lucie Lewis in the last week of term before Christmas and with the expert help of Richard Peters, a local gardener,  all the trees were planted.  Holes dug, watered in and secured, the trees will hopefully be established for future generations.

Schools included Beaulieu, William Gilpin, South Baddesley, Pennington, Lymington and New Milton schools.  The children joined in the planting with great enthusiasm.

The picture shows the Children at William Gilpin School


Laptops for Schools

In Spring 2021 during the Pandemic Lymington Rotary collected 35 laptops and tablets that were donated by the public for distribution to Schools. The Laptops and Tablets were checked and serviced by Peacock Computers. 

wil gilpin laptop.jpg


Priestland School

Every year Priestlands School in Lymington hold their Annual Prizegiving event for the students.

The students were divided into 2 groups and over 35 shields and cups were awarded to a well deserving group of students for a wide range of subjects, sporting achievements and other awards. 



Happy Hampers - South Africa

In partnership with The Rotary Club of Stanford we make a donation towards the Gift of Food Bags to the elderly and needy around Christmas Time. The picture shows 330 bags packed add ready for distribution.

happy hampers.jpg


Junior and Primary Schools

Every year The Rotary Club of Lymington aim to assist the local Junior and Primary Schools by purchasing much needed equipment, HI-Viz jackets to ensure the children are safe when on School visits and Dictionaries 4 Life

brock press 1.jpg


Chosan Foundation Gambia

Rotarian Roger Ling and Rotarian Cheryl Currie have travelled to The Gambia, West Africa for over 20 years. Visiting and supporting the health of the poorest of the community and attended many medical field trips.
We raised funds with help from other Rotary Clubs and District enabling us to purchase 2 x E C G machines, 2 x monitors for vital signs and patient suction machine in the UK and then dispatch them to Gambia.
This was greatly received by C.E.O. Dr. Ahmadou Samateh and I C U staff and the Staff were trained by a hospital technician to use these up to date machines.
The doctors and nursing staff were overwhelmed with our generous donation and with subsequent visits, we notice staff morale had improved, leading to better qualify patient care.

gambia web.jpg


Timothy Pruss Memorial School

The Timothy Pruss Memorial School is situated near Inungur in Tamil Nadu, South India. It is named after the beloved son of Mary and Tony Pruss who died aged 18 in 2005, shortly after leaving Chigwell School. Tony Pruss was a member of Lymington Rotary and did talks on the School to many other Rotary Clubs raising much needed funds. The school is largely funded by the Bede Griffiths Charitable Trust. It provides a unique opportunity for the children of poor families in the area to learn in both Tamil and English, the latter giving them the opportunity to get better jobs and enabling them and their families to break out of poverty.

pruss india school.jpg
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